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Who We Are:

Dubois County CARES is a group of caring individuals focused on supporting youth and creating a family-centered culture in our community. We believe alcohol and drugs are a hidden issue in our community and want to empower our youth to be alcohol and drug free.  We plan to do this by educating the community on the effects of substances on a teen brain, the detriments to hosting parties for youth, and the necessity of talking to youth about substance use.  We have successfully formed a coalition of 50 leaders from across the county who are actively working to change the youth substance use culture in our community. Our primary challenge is working on creating an attitude of prevention in a community with substance use at the center of many traditions. 

Our Mission:

Empower Youth to be Alcohol and Drug Free.

Our Vision: 

We are a community that supports a sustainable alcohol and drug free culture for youth. 

How You Can Help:

1. Join the Coalition!

2. Donate to CARES financially.

3. Talk to students about the dangers of substance use.

4. Tell youth that you care about their future and their efforts to be alcohol and drug free.

5. Speak up against underage drinking.

6. Don’t provide alcohol for youth.

Our 12 Month Action Plan:

1. Change the culture – it isn’t “safe” for youth to drink or do drugs at home

2. Educate youth, parents and public – about usage and teen brain development

3. Increase barriers – limit access to alcohol and drugs

4. Change consequences – develop consistent rules and enforcement

Is This Really An Issue?


According to the 2017 Indiana Youth Survey, 33% of Seniors and 27% of Juniors in Dubois County have reported using alcohol in the last 30 days.


Additionally, in 2017 Dubois County youth reported being above the state usage averages for: 


Smokeless Tobacco (8th, 9th, 11th and 12th graders)

Electronic Vapor Products (10th, 11th and 12th graders)

Alcohol (11th and 12th graders)

Binge Drinking (9th, 11th and 12th graders)

Inhalants (11th graders)

Cocaine/Crack (8th graders)

Heroin (8th graders)

Our Members Come From These Sectors:


Civic/Volunteer Organizations

Concerned Citizens

Healthcare Professionals

Law Enforcement



Religious/Fraternal Organizations


State/Local/Tribal Government  

Substance Abuse Organizations


Youth Serving Organizations

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